Digital Membership


Now on Sale!

 Does the Post Office read your magazine before delivery?   Want early access to the hunts in the print magazine?   Then Your answer is – private access to the Digital Editions for A Year.  Have access to the magazine on the 25th of each month prior,  that’s 10 whole days before EVERYONE else, (when the post office is on time).

And now for a limited time it’s on SALE!!

You will need to be able to download files & read pdfs (most everyone can)  Right after purchase you will create your account, EvErYTHinG is case SeNsiTIvE  You will use your username to login, when you are logged in you will see the digital Membership on the top of the menu on the right. You will also be able to see the Digital Editions Page Link next to the Account login in the upper right corner.



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