Submitting Articles & Hunt Results

Articles and Hunt Results Deadline
Please submit all articles including Hunt Results to be considered for publication by the 5th of the prior cover month. Cell phone pictures are perfect, screenshots are not. Pictures that are already on a website are not acceptable. If you aren’t sure please read the information on sending photos.

Please have all images sent in separate named files. DO NOT send photos embedded inside the story. If you embed photos I cannot resize them correctly to fit the layout. If you have a preference of where the photo should be just noting the placement in red please, i.e. (Bob’s dog pix here.)

Also, please accurately name the photo – bob’s dog and not photo 1. Please zoom in when taking the photo so we can see faces, and do not crop the photo yourself or reduce the size.

The important club photos should be named and we appreciate you referencing your ad when submitting the results of the hunt. When taking club photos please place trophies on the back of the table and the dog in front of them so we can see the whole dog and not really the trophy.