Advertising Information

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Ad Sizes and Prices
Size – Price – Width x Height
Bleed – $250 – 8.25 x 10.75
Full Page – $250 – 7.12 x 9.9
2/3 Page – $200 – 4.62 x 9.9
1/2 Page – $150 – 7.12 x 4.85
1/3 Page – $110 – 2.25 x 9.9
1/4 Page – $85 – 3.46 x 4.85
6” column – $75 – 2.25 x 5
5” column -$65 – 2.25 x 5
4” column – $55 – 2.25 x 4
3” column – $45 – 2.25 x 3
2” column – $35 – 2.25 x 2
Dog Directory – $30 – 2.25 x 2.5

Ad Specifications
With advertisements dispersed throughout the magazine, Hounds & Hunting is a full color magazine ranging from 64 to 80 pages depending on the month and content. Trim size is 8.25 x 10.75 inches. Circulation is currently rapidly climbing and if you still need to subscribe you can do it here – subscribe.

Advertising Deadlines
We need advertising copy, images, and any other materials no later than the 1st day of the preceding month. For example, for a January magazine, all advertising materials need to be sent to us by December 1. These ads can be given a number of ways. We have a hunt form on that you can use to submit hunt ads. We also accept ads by phone, snail mail or email at We need an email address when the advertisement is submitted. We send proofs of the ads via email. This gives you an opportunity to look it over and let us know of any corrections preferably within 48 hours of the proof. Please do not send an ad for the current issue after the 8th without prior editor approval. Cancellations will not be accepted after the closing date of the 10th.

Cover Hound Deadline
Our front cover is available for purchase. Preferably, they are reserved 2 months in advance, sent in by the 25th prior and paid for when sent. This means cover dog information needs sent to us much earlier than the advertising materials for the rest of the magazine. All information can be sent direct by email at

Stud Dog Ads
Stud dog ads are our lifeline. The rates and deadlines above apply to these ads as well. For these ads, the information we generally receive is a photo, stud fee, size of dog, contact information, a short write up, and a pedigree. You may choose how many generations of the pedigree you would like featured in the ad when the ad is at least ½ page. ¼ page ads will have a 3-generation pedigree due to spacing, and the stud dog directory does not have a pedigree. These ads can be sent direct by email to

A nice photo will be only as good as We need images that are LARGE. Generally, images sent in under 1m will not print clearly. We prefer the original photo sent from the phone and NOT screen shots. Pictures of pictures are ok if you hold phone close and completely straight above the old photo, and take one with flash and one without. Share the photo that looks the best to straight from the gallery, be sure to reference your ad, and please, name your photo. We are not responsible for poorly received photos.

Advertising Payment
Preferably ads are paid in advance of publishing. You can make a payment here on our website. Or contact us and we will give you the details for PayPal, CashAp, Venmo, Credit Card over the phone and of course checks. If billing has been previously arranged, all payments are due no later than the 10th of the cover date. Please request tear sheets when ads are submitted.

Articles and Hunt Results Deadline
Please submit all articles including Hunt Results to be considered for publication by the 5th of the prior cover month. Cell phone pictures are perfect, screenshots are not. If you aren’t sure please read this information. Please have all images sent in separate named files. DO NOT send photos embedded inside the story. If you have a preference of where the photo should be just noting the placement in red please, i.e. (Bob’s dog pix here.) Also, please accurately name the photo – bob’s dog and not photo 1. Please zoom in when taking the photo so we can see faces, and do not crop the photo yourself or reduce the size. The important club photos should be named and we appreciate you referencing your ad when submitting the results of the hunt.

Camera Ready Ads
The trim size is 8.25 x 10.75. Please add 1/8th of an inch for the bleed, and then a half inch margin makes your live area. Export the PDF with only the bleed please. Then send to