Parade of Champions

February 2015

FCGD Silver Cup Punkin


FC Catskill Creek Orchid


May 2014

FC Simms Mt Misty May


August 2013

FCGD Ted’s Keen Line Julie

May 2013

FC Sandy Run Cutter Cody

FC Autumn Run Black Mack

FC Sly-Town’s Freak of Nature

FC Janssens Stylish KW Pic

April 2013

FC Boomrang’s Willie

FC GD Reapers Fancy Belle

March 2013

FC Catskill Creek Koala

FC Catskill Creek Honey

FC Catskill Creek Dawn

FC GD Jacks Creek Golden Bear AKA Teddy

Giter Done Tinker & Section Line Cindy K

February 2013

FC GD Ace’s Up Bud

January 2013

FC Going Light Gotcha

FC Honeymoon Hill Banjo

December 2012

FC GD Bruingtons Mellow Mandy

FC GD Goodwater Sporster

FC Black Bayou Bodie

November 2012

FC Goersch’s Lock on Lucy

FC Goodwater Lulu Bell

October 2012

Hicks Missy Mae MH

J.W.’s Sara MH

FC Gundog Marshfield Gunner

September 2012

FC Schmitt’s Platinum Tomahawk

FC Woodside Great Contender (IKE)

August 2012

AKC FC Raymar’s Cisco

FCGD Honey Camp Hay Seed

FCGD Barton’s Pedro

FCGD Fails Tebow

Straight-Away Margie MH

Straight Away Marianne MH

T’s Little Creek Bronco MH

June 2012

FC Goodwater Dizzy Lizzy

FC Steele Run-N-Gun Sally

May 2012

JNJ’s Captain Elmo M.H., JNJ’s Mo-Mo’s Pooter M.H., Mo-Mo’s Blue Bell M.H.

Brandywine Black Patty M.H.

Dave’s Little Diamond Lil M.H.

April 2012

Wilson’s Hillary

Wiley’s Black Magic Marie

March 2012

FC In Country Aimee

FC JP’s Fred’s Little Debbie

FC L & C’s Bred Rite Boss Lady

L & C’s Snow’s Daisy Mae

FC Wolfcreek Chief

FC Jackson Mill Abe

January 2012

FC Weedens Becky

FC Russell Creek Grave Digger

Russell Creek Heidi Ho

FC Orr Lane Macy

FC Brooks Baby Boll

FC Going Light Image

FC Outlaw’s Milo

FC Lears Jolene

December 2011

FC Major Hill John Boy

FC Main Line Madam Creeper

FC Tapsec Missy

November 2011

FC Orchard Grove Moby Dick

FC Tator Knob Super Dan

FC Indian Run Moose

FC Bennies and Jimmy Elvira

FC Good Water Jenny

Bear Creek Sissy II MH

October 2011

FC Shoreline Elle

September 2011

FC R & D Duke

FC Cady Run R & E Kid Gunner

FC Mullinix’s Axle Rose

FC Nine Pines Jessabell

FC Russell Creek Reaper Deuce

FC Wood Hollow Big Murphy

August 2011

FC Bun-E-Line Flame

FC Bun-E-Line Silly Sassy

FC Bun-E-Line Big D

FC Little Ease Hawk

FC Bluffdale Geraldo

FCGD Gordons Rusty

FC Meadowland

Wingate Gwyn MH

July 2011

FC Double Island Butch

FC Long Acre Chieff Halftown

FC Sing A Song Jack II