May Sneak Peek

Gundogs of Yesterday and Today

By Rev. John Parks


Last month we reviewed the list of field champions that Mike Ramsey has finished himself from his Bullocks Creek Kennel. Now this month I want to ‘pick his brain’ further on his methods. So, here we go into the questions I posed.

Mike, tell us about how you manage a stud dog. How often should he be used?

All stud dogs are different, but a good rule of thumb is to breed them no more than three times a week. You can breed them every day for six days, but not for long, or you will start to have misses.

How many hounds do you usually keep, and how many do you have in your kennel now (as of December 2016)?

I keep around forty most of the time: 25 grown dogs (including stud dogs, breeding bitches, and trial dogs) plus 15 pups.

What traits do you look for in a hound? List them in order of their importance.

• I like them to be friendly

• Hunt good

• Be built good, with straight legs, and good bites

• Have big noses

• Have a good mouth, clean and no barking off

• Have brains, BRAINS, BRAINS

• Work a check inside out

• Run nothing but rabbit

• Be real straight on the line

What are the worst faults in a beagle? List them from worst first, then on down. 

• Barking off or around

• Getting out and coming around

• Wanting nothing but the front

• Won’t slot

• Barking in the pen

• Being ill at the food pan

• Barking in the truck

What is the BEST beagle you ever saw run? Describe it.

People are going to think I’m crazy, but the best dog I have seen run was a brace dog back in the 70s. Her name was Fd. Ch. Knit A Line Jewel. She was a bundle of energy but stayed under control all the time. She had a big, big nose, plenty of mouth, ran a good straight line, and stayed on the check.

What hounds owned by others have impressed you over the years?

Fd. Ch. Saluda Little Rebel was a little male that finished in four trials. He was a beautiful hound, tri-colored with a big mouth and great line control. He had a big nose and he didn’t need any help.

Fd. Ch. Greenwood Blue Creek Bear was another dog I liked a lot. He could run a rabbit any time of day. He was a great hound. He was a little easy for some, but he could account for his game.

Fd. Ch. Smith’s Hill Top Patti was a female out of Hoss that a friend raised and she was a front runner just like her sire. She has a fast chop mouth and a big nose. She would run it so hard that dogs would give up and just follow.

Fd. Ch. D and W Miss Chopper was another dog that impressed me. I think I put the first win on her and she went on to finish and win the AKC Nationals.

Fd. Ch. Star R Chrissi may be as good as I have seen. She is never out of place but will make you pay if you are. I have not seen a bitch any better than her in SPO trials. She was a great dog. I think she won the AKC Nationals, UBGF, and Mid-America Brace, plus the AKC Brace Nationals.


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