Junior Handlers

America’s Junior Handlers

by Kaylynn Williams

The first month of the year was full of excitement for America’s Junior Handlers! The program is now going 120 members strong. There have been some additions not only with members, but federations, committee members, and supporters!
Recently, the program has added the Midwest Federation to the program! This federation has their own sector. Meaning, the way it is set up, kids and puppies that go through the program are organized into region 8 in the system. This prevents a Midwest bred pup to be distributed to a UBGF based jr. handler. Unless the jr. handler requests a Midwest pup, he or she will receive a puppy from their region. The same goes for the Mid-West jr. handlers. In addition to the new federation, we have added a new committee member, Denny Dugan who is the representative for the Mid-West. See the Committee Member section for his contact information. Thanks for joining the team Denny!
I was quite impressed when I went to Western Beagle Club for a MAB derby trial in January. Western has organized they’re own program for their jr. handler members. The jr. handlers are assigned certain areas of the club to take care of. They’re hard workers not only with their hounds, but also for their club. It was great to see so many kids present. There were nine junior handlers. This was a greater turn out then some trials I attend. So seeing the increase in youth participating was a great experience. They love their dogs.
It was a bitter morning for a trial. Andrew noticed his dog was shivering and decided to give her his coat to keep warm while he withstood the cold in his hoodie. He balled his coat up and put it in the kennel for her. He has a heart of gold and truly loves his hounds. Thank you for reminding us Andrew what crazy things (it was way too cold to not have a coat on!) we do for our dogs when we truly love them.
• Reminder for all those registering a puppy for the program you must have “PP” at the end of the registered name to stand for “Program Puppy”.
• Please handlers; email YOUR experiences at trials or with the program to kwrabbitdogs@gmail.com so I can share your story in the monthly AJH Article. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Committee Members:
Sam Butler (812) 293-4404
Kaylynn Williams (708) 446-6180
Nick Nichols (318) 614-2105
Mark Malloy (717) 609-6353)
Denny Dugan (740) 504-2550

You can view photos of some junior handlers & their dogs on page 42 of the March issue.

Junior Handler Award Program

By Kaylynn Williams

I’d like to first say it is an honor to continue George and Ruth Pirman’s Program. I grew up in this program and look forward to serving our youth using my past experience with it. To enroll, get the new point form, rules, etc. please visit my website at kwkennels.weebly.com and visit the junior handler page. My contact information is on this website as well. Please start sending your point forms to me by mail at: 2434 N 1900 East Rd., Martinton, IL 60951 or email at kwrabbitdogs@gmail.com. Everything will continue as it always has as far as accumulating points is concerned. There are a few changes to the program thus far. These include the following:
• No junior handler should expect payment or charge someone for handling services. However, handlers MAY ACCEPT tips offered by the owners of the dogs handled. Handlers shall NOT ask for this or expect it. The handling points earned are the only payments that should be expected.
• The minimum age of junior handlers is now 7 years old instead of 9. This is because I feel it is important to influence our youth with beagle activity as young as realistically possible.
There will be more changes to come so keep your eyes pealed in future articles. All changes will be for the benefit of the junior handlers. Any ideas are welcome. Shoot me an email with any thoughts. Especially from you handlers!
On the 1st of every month I will be writing and updating this article. Please note that I will only include points that I have received prior to the 1st of every month. So make sure you send them in, in a timely fashion. This month’s point standings include points received after January 1st, 2014.
Parents/guardians/handlers, feel welcome to send me pictures of handlers and beagles anytime to use for this article. I wish everyone the best of luck!

Points as of
February 1st

James Reeves – 41 pts
Rex Howard – 29 pts
Michael Pearson -27 pts
Marissa Hudman – 16 pts
Wesley Roberts – 14 pts
Andrew Ash – 8 pts
Morgan Gwin – 8 pts
Jordan Ash – 7 pts
Benjamin Chambers – 5 pts
Haley Hudman – 1 pt.