April Sneak Peek

Gundogs of Yesterday and Today

by Rev. John Parks


Last month we followed along with Mike Ramsey as he relived his journey of developing the family of beagles called Bullocks Creek Hounds. This month I want you to know more about those field champions that have come out of this kennel. So, join me as Mike tells us about them…

Mike, I was fascinated by the step by step story of breeding hounds that have become consistent winners as well as being very good hunting hounds. Tell us more about the individual hounds that you have finished. Describe them for us, telling us how they ran.

So far, I have finished 11 field champions. I’ll list them for you:

Bullocks Creek Smoke was the first one I finished. He was black, tan, and blue-ticked. He was a cobbie-built hound. He ran a smooth line and was quick out of the check. He had a chop and squall mouth that he used plenty. “Stylist” is the word to use in describing the way he ran. He was an outstanding jump dog too. He hunted hard all day. When you got ready to quit, you better put a lead on him or he would jump another rabbit before you got to the truck. I told everybody “When you let Smoke out of the pen, he would run by a bucket of feed, or a hot female, and wait for you at the gate of the running ground ready to go jump a rabbit. “

Wins Entries
*Poplar Branch 48
*Robeson County 53
Cookeville 47

*Ran back to back

Bullocks Creek Nancy was the second hound that I finished. She was out of Fd. Ch. Bullocks Creek Hoss and Bullocks Creek Penny. Nancy was a great hound. She was black, tan, and white and had a chop mouth. She could follow a rabbit in a very controlled manner. You may beat her, but you had to outrun her to do it. I loved this dog. She finished in eight trials.

Nancy finished 3-21-03 before her sire Hoss.

Wins Entries
Foothills 70 (SPO)
Tokeena 84 (SPO)
Tarhill 69 (Brace)

Bullocks Creek Hoss was just like his name implies. He had a big nose, a chop and squall mouth, and could run a rabbit to death. He liked the front and he could handle it. I let Mike Reynolds hunt him one winter, and he said one place he ran there was a rabbit he called ‘ghost rabbit’. Mike said he jumped the ghost rabbit and put Hoss on the line and immediately Hoss was running to catch him. The rabbit hit a dirt road and ran a hundred yards down the road and then cut to the right. Mike said Hoss came out on to the road, turned down the road and the ghost rabbit was no more.

Wins Entries
Tuckasegee 44
Foothills 35
Tokeena 28

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