August 2012 Sneak Peek

Keeping Up With Pup: Early Neurological Stimulation

By Adam DePriest

A few years ago I used to do this crazy thing called coon hunting.  During this time I, along with many other coon hunters, subscribed to the magazine American Cooner.  My primary reason for subscribing was not to look at the fancy stud dog ads or the nite hunt results, but instead I eagerly anticipated the arrival of American Cooner to read the monthly article published by John Wick.  As a novice cooner, it was enjoyable and educational for me to read the experiences and training methods of an experienced coon hunter.  The articles that I enjoyed the most were a series of articles by Mr. Wick that followed his training with a young coonhound.  These were very beneficial because I was able to see the progression of this hound and apply the training techniques implemented by Mr. Wick to my own hounds.

Shortly after my parents purchased Hounds and Hunting, I knew I wanted to develop a similar series following a beagle from a puppy to a finished hound.  Due to circumstances and some laziness, I am just now getting around to taking on this endeavor.  Now let me preface these next several articles by saying I am by no means an experienced houndsman.  I am quite certain this will be more of a learning experience for me than for you.  My vision for this series is  more of a discussion among myself and the readers than a lecture of “how to’s.”  As these articles progress, I encourage all of you to send in your input via mail, e-mail, and Facebook.  Your expertise will benefit me, fellow readers, and most importantly, the pup.   Read more